Cool Girl: Hollie, 14, of Wooden Wardrobe

New York Fashion Week continues, and so does our style blogger series! Hollie, 14, lives in South London (hence her spelling differences -- oh, those "u"s!) and writes the blog Wooden Wardrobe. She has a look that seems to change regularly but also stays charmingly consistent. We talked to hear about her TopShopaholic status and clothing worth of happy dances: I Heart Daily: What are you excited to wear this fall? Hollie: My Helmut Lang cigarette trousers with my Urban Outfitters snake print bag and my shearling coat.

IHD: Best steal this season? H: My vintage military jacket that I picked up in Camden so cheaply I started to happy dance in the shop.

IHD: Have you splurged on any items this season? H: I haven't really splurged on one specific item… I guess all the items I bought this season amounted to quite a bit of money. But the one item I wish I could splurge on would be the etoile Isabel Marant plume ribbed alpaca-blend cardigan.

IHD: Do you have a style philosophy? H: I just go by the mantra 'whatever's clean will do.' Although I have to admit I probably wear jeans a little too much, I don't like to be too serious with what I wear so if I wear a granny-length skirt (midi skirt) I would probably just wear it with vans or brogues provided the colours compliment. I always wear plain t-shirts with no pictures or writing, as i find them more versatile, especially the ones from Topshop (they're the best)

IHD: Who inspires your style? H: Elle Fanning, simply because I really like her style. I wish I could dress like her...

IHD: We always ask: What are you hearting right now? H: The World According to Garp by John Irving -- I recently read it and absolutely loved it.

Thanks, Hollie! "Whatever's clean" is kind of my thing too, but you do it way better. Visit Wooden Wardrobe and find Hollie on tumblr.