Cool Girl: Mari-Liis, 17, Style of Mimi

Another year, and another New York Fashion Week has come to an end. BUT! We have one more amazing, oh-so stylish fashion blogger for you. Mari-Liis, 17, all the way from Estonia, writes Style Of Mimi and tumbles over at Fashionably Alone. In addition to her spot-on taste, look at her hair -- gorgeous!

I Heart Daily: What piece or outfit are you most excited to wear this fall? Mari-Liis: Well, I'm actually excited to wear most of my things! Basically, I have two outfits I wear the most in the fall: 1) long-sleeved tops, high-waisted skirts, tights, and 2) jeans with big oversized knitted sweaters. For shoes I usually wear creepers or boots.

IHD: What was your best steal this season? ML: Definitely my Acne Clover ankle boots! I have been keeping my eye on them for half of the summer, waiting for the sale. They are so comfy and also so pretty!

IHD: Your biggest splurge (or wish you could splurge on) this season. ML: I haven't had my biggest splurge yet. Though I wish, could splurge on Jeffery Campbell LitasPeter Pan collar tops, and Journelle lingerie.

IHD: What's your style philosophy? ML: Someone once told me, "You can't look good if you put comfort first!" Besides that, I'd say dress pretty much casual with a little something extra.

IHD: What inspires you? ML: The world inspires me really: people, blogs, photographs, etc.

IHD: What are you hearting right now? ML: Right now I'm hearting colors. Why? Most of my clothes are "safe" colors, so I'm looking for bright pieces, because fall is all about colors this year!