Cool Girl: Tori, 19, Vintage Queen

Things are winding down at New York Fashion Week, but our style blogger series is in full force! Today we have yet another amazing profile for you: Tori, 19, lives in Portland, Oregon and writes the blog Generations Collective. We love her vintage/flower girl/Stevie Nicks style.

I Heart Daily: What piece or outfit are you most excited to wear this fall?

Tori: I found a gorgeous vintage ivory cape sweater over the summer, but it's been so hot outside so I've been waiting for fall so I can finally wear it!

IHD: We love a stylish bargain -- what's your best find?

T: Just the other day I found an amazing vintage Betsey Johnson dress at a thrift shop for $2! It's long and black with huge flowers and flutter sleeves, absolutely perfect for October since it's sort of witchy.

IHD: Your biggest splurge (or wish you could splurge on) this season.

T: I rarely splurge on anything, since I usually shop thrift or vintage, but I WISH I could splurge on a Beverly Hills trip! I'm dying to go there and go on amazing shopping trips and take walks under palm trees!

IHD: What's your style philosophy? T: I believe in wearing what you love and what speaks to you; what makes you confident and what makes you feel the most "you," regardless of trends or what anyone else says. I wear what fits my personality and what makes me happy.

IHD: Who inspires your style? T: I'm really inspired by old photos, especially from the 1970s. I get a lot of inspiration from Tumblr. I'm inspired by art and nature. I'm also inspired by designers. Right now I especially love Rodarte and Creatures of the Wind.

IHD: What are you hearting right now? T: Flowy dresses, flower crowns, floppy hats, quirky heels, long hair, road trips, cactus, painted hills, astrology and vintage. Always vintage.

IHD: We love your style -- how can we steal your steez?

T: I have a vintage shop called Generations Collective Vintage. I started it earlier this summer, mostly because I love shopping and picking out treasures and it's even better when you can share them with others.

Thanks Tori! Follow her on Twitter and Tumblr if you please!