Cute Rings and Nail Art

Here are some keywords for the adorable etsy shop DIVINEsweetness: "Polymer Clay. Miniature. Food. Jewelry. Snow Globe Ring." Hello, favorite things! Here are just a few of the lovely creations for sale:  Winter Fox Snow Globe Ring ($63, pictured). What could be more magical than an alert little red fox sitting on your finger, encased in glass? This ring is worthy of a wizard.

 French Macaroon Ring ($16). Pink, brown, ecru, red! Get this pretty piece in a bunch of colors and flash your macaroons all day long.

 Candy Bobby Pins ($25). Sweeten your updo.

 Itty-bitty 3D Mustache Nail Art ($15). You read that right. Now give your nails some teensy facial hair! You may want to click through for the visual.