Fashionably Feline!

I don't know if it's because I've been following too many cat feeds on Instagram (omg, Cats of Instagram), but I've been walking around singing this song: "I got cat style and I got cat class." If you feel the same way, here are five feline-inspired pieces to make you purr.  Lovely Cat Print Shirt, Romwe, ($36, pictured). Eyes, nose and a mouth. That's all you need to have the sweetest t-shirt around. Meow.

 Conversational Print Scarf, Urban Outfitters, ($24). This over-sized black scarf with a colorful puss print is so cozy and soft, it'll be like having fluffy kittens keeping you warm.

♥ Boxy Colored Cat Top, Forever 21, ($16). How do you make a black shirt less boring? Put a cat on it.

 Kissy Face Knit, Nasty Gal, ($128). LOVE this black sweater with a white cat face and stripes on the sleeves. Might be worth it to save up for this one!

♥ Crazy Cat Shirts, Mystically Wild, ($25). Wave your Crazy Cat Lady flag high and proud with these intense shirts from this UK site. A mountain of kittens? Why not.