Hear(t) It: New Music for the Weekend

It's the end of the week, and it's been a long one. So let's chillax with a glass of Sunny Delight, and listen to some sweet, sweet jamz. Here are four new releases that have a little something for everyone. "End of Daze" - Dum Dum Girls (Sub Pop, pictured). Dreamy girl vocals and lots of reverb makes Anne a Hap Hap Girl. If I were 16 again, I'd campaign to make "Mine Tonight" my Prom theme and end-of-the-night slow dance song.

"Incorruptible Heart" - Lavender Diamond (Paracadute Records). Becky Stark's enchanting voice makes each song on Lavender Diamond's third LP a little magical. If you're a fan of Florence and the Machine or Regina Spektor, take a listen. Also, little fact: Damian Kulash (the singer from that band with all the funny videos) produced the album.

"State Hospital" - Frightened Rabbit (Atlantic Records). This band from Scotland possesses all the virtues that any respectable indie rock band should have. They're earnest, charming, wistful, and able to convey it all with a catchy three-minute tune.

"MotorCity" - Daddy (Cozy Music). Full journalistic discloure: I've only listened to one of the songs on this EP, but one-half of this musical duo is James Franco, and isn't that enough for a mention?