Cool, Unique Sock Style

It's getting chilly and my no-socks status has to change. The thing is, my sock drawer needs a serious revamp. So I'm going shopping. Here are a few conversation-starting pairs on my list (with these styles, shoes are optional):  Dorothy Ruby Slipper Socks, Fred Flare ($14, pictured). I'm not saying that these socks could be the backup for a very last-minute Halloween costume, but... they could. Also adorable for every day so it's a win-win.

 Burger Socks, Sock It to Me ($9). Two words: Meat Feet!

 Striped Retro Tube Socks, Vicious Style ($8). Tube socks are kind of the punchline to a joke about the 80s, but they're really, really comfortable! And this pair is cute enough for today, methinks.