Cute Mini-Makeup Sets

You know how you're supposed to toss your makeup and buy new stuff pretty often? Yeah, I hardly ever do that. Which is why I'm a huge fan of mini sets. By the time you need to replace something, you've already used up the old product so there's no waste involved! Here are three of my new favorite mini-picks:  Crayola Mini Nail Polish, FredFlare ($12, pictured). Eight colors straight from our childhood crayon boxes make for a plethora of good picks for every manicure! Rainbow nails, anyone?

 tokidoki Roulette Gloss Trio, Sephora ($7, sale). Deep pigments and big shine come in cute little character-covered packages!

 e.l.f. Mini Mascaras, Target ($3). Black, clear and brown tubes come in this insanely low-priced three-piece set. Mascara is the one product you really do need to replace often, so mini-tubes are the perfect buy.