Have A Haute Halloween!

Time's a-ticking! The five day countdown to Halloween has begun. If you're totally not prepared (like me), no worries. While people you know may be going all out on Angry Bird costumes, all you really need is a touch of spirited chic to get into the Halloween mood. ♥ Skeleton Black Hoodie, Romwe ($40, pictured). Show your bones, but don't break 'em, with this comfy black hoodie.

♥ Kitty Cat Loafer, Fred Flare ($52). Black cats are supposedly bad luck, but we'd be happy to have this pair following us around!

 Tall Horror Tee, Top Shop ($36). In a classic dripping blood font, this tunic-like shirt plainly states the word, "Horror." Cinch at the waist for a cute shirtdress effect, add leggings, and you're ready to stylishly stir that cauldron.