Hear(t) It: Noelle Leblanc

Mega-superstar Taylor Swift's new album Red is out now. But, I'm going to focus on another female musician, Noelle Leblanc. When I was the Entertainment Editor for the dearly beloved ELLEgirl magazine, I interviewed Noelle Leblanc. The softspoken teen was the singer and guitarist for Damone, a quartet that summoned the riffs and vibes of '80s bands -- non-pretentious rock that you played loud (the stuff that existed beforePitchfork). This band was pure fun, and it was hard not to compare Noelle to a Runaways-era Joan Jett. She wasn't girly; Noelle was cool.

I still listen to Damone's two albums, From the Attic and Out All Night. And I'm happy that the World Wide Web has made it easy for me to discover that Noelle is still kicking out the jams, solo-style, with a self-released EP, Good Ol' Daze. There's less guitar and more pop influences on these songs, but her knack for creating melodic tunes with authentic lyrics has not faltered.

So if you're music tastes are more Ramones than Rihanna, I suggest you checkout Damone and Noelle. If you don't like it, I'll send you a dollar.