Help Shelter Animals Find Homes

Three to four million animals are euthenized in US shelters every year because they aren't adopted. I don't know about you, but I've had a lot of pound puppies (and kitties) over the years, and I don't want to imagine any one of them facing that fate. Still, you can't save them all! Good news: There's a new app that you can use to help pets find homes, without trying to fit a zoo under your roof. Pics for Pets, by Do Something!, lets you take photos of the animals up for adoption in your area and share them with other app users who may be looking to adopt. I know we're not supposed to be superficial, but super cute photos of dogs and cats can be pretty convincing. Sometimes the difference between a new home and a cage (or worse) is the photo posted for people to see online -- Do Something! estimates that a good picture candouble an animal's chance of being adopted.

Visit animals at your local shelter, take pics when you see the traveling shelter vans (sometimes they stop by malls, parks, etc.) and get the word out via the Pics for Pets app about all the cuddly creatures who need families. Then you can go back to Instagraming your day.