Indie Crafter du Jour: Tiffany Ju

Tiffany Ju is a fashion design graduate of Parsons, but in her own words: "I like fashion alright, but I'm not obsessed. There are just so many other interesting, creative things to pay attention to." We like this practical approach. However, we're happy she's still putting her designing hands to use, because she makes some incredible-looking tights. Her vibrant, ombré hand-dyed pairs are on our must-have list for fall and beyond. Fuchsia (pictured, $40) goes from black to indigo to a bright fuchsia, while Sunset morphs from a deep orange to creamsicle to white. They're like wearable watercolor paintings -- dreamy.

Each pair is made to order, so no two will be exactly alike. I'm deciding between the Navy and the Coal... or the Fuchsia. Heck, maybe I'll just get them all and subsist on ramen for the rest of the month.