Ouija Board Accessories

Holla, it's almost Halloween! And in addition to eating candy corn, I'm taking out the old Ouija board for some spooky summonings of spirits. Besides being scary fun, Ouija boards also look pretty cool, and whaddayaknow -- there are some cute things out there to make them even cooler! Can't decide what to get? Well, just ask Mr. Ouija. He'll point you in the right direction.  Silver Ouija Board Charm, Cindy's Charms ($5, pictured). Latte or mocha? Pepperoni or cheese? Decisions! If you need help making up your mind, take the Ouija on-the-go with this adorable silver pewter charm.

 Ouija Board iPhone Case ($18). The only problem you'll have with this iPhone case is finding a planchette small enough to fit on the surface.

♥ Ouija Board Zipper Case ($9). Store your loose change in this muslim pouch. Unfortunately, it doesn't posess enough power to turn your nickels and dimes into gold.