Style Blogger Maya, 17, of Girl Loves Color

Maya, 17, is the voice behind Girl Loves Color, and she writes about everything from how cool weather makes her crave textured fabrics to how being "stuck in a cycle of schoolwork and cuffed jeans and Converse" makes her dream of an exotically stylish escape (plus, she'll show you three ways to wear biker boots). Obviously, we're into her. So we sat down and had a chat! I Heart Daily: What inspired you to start Girl Loves Color? Maya: I wanted a place to express my fashion sensibilities. I'm an aspiring fashion writer, so the blog started as an experiment merging fashion and writing. I would read fashion magazines and immediately want to go and create my own content, so I do that on Girl Loves Color. The blog helps me discover my aesthetic and my writing style. I think it has helped me grow and improve my craft in a lot of ways.

IHD: What is it about color that draws you in? M: Color gives a lot of room to be creative and adventurous. People who wear color are bold, and they stand out. That takes confidence, and I find it so contagious. Every day I try to add a minimum of one element of color to my outfit. Color provides an exotic multidimensionality to an outfit that few other things can.

IHD: What pieces are you most excited about wearing this fall and winter? M: I'm such a sweater person! I've been wearing my vintage black cashmere sweater to death, so I actually bought another one in a different style. I'll layer one over an outfit instead of a jacket. I've also gotten back into scarves, especially floral prints. I have a beautiful green one from Anthropologie. And I just ordered some black leather boots online, so I'm excited to wear those once they arrive!

IHD: Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers? M: I love Susie Lau from Style Bubble for her avant-garde fashion sense. She makes anything look good, and I love that she champions young emerging designers. I also love Krystal Bick from This Time Tomorrow.

IHD: What are you hearting right now? M: I've been enjoying the Opening Ceremony 10th Anniversary book from Rizzoli. I also just saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and it was phenomenal. And I've been looking at a lot of political humor right now with the coming presidential election. I love that.