Temporary Face Tattoos

One of the scariest things I can think of has nothing to do with monsters, ghosts or vampires. If you want to freak me out, show me a person with a tattoo on their face (Mike Tyson sends shivers up my spine -- eep). So instead of going for the zombie look this Halloween, I'm going for the socially unacceptable, cringe-worthy (temporary) face tattoo. Claire's offers three designs to apply to your eyes, lips and cheeks: Black Glitter TearsBloody Tears, and Spider Webs. At $8 each, they cost a lot less than getting a real tattoo, not to mention the laser removal surgery your mom would force you to get.

And if you're costume-lazy (ahem, like me), just stick these on, grab a bag, and you're ready for some trick-or-treating. Candy time!