Write a Love Letter to Yourself

We profiled the amazing Emily-Anne Rigel from We Stop Hate, and now she and the WSH team have created Love, Yourself, a website that asks you to focus on the positive aspects of your life and write a letter to yourself without a single negative thought. Their call to action: "Write why you're proud of yourself, why you're beautiful. Talk about all the traits that you love and why you're you! Dig deep! Tell yourself all the things you wish someone had told you..."

Check out some of the letters that others have written, and get started on your own version. It may sound cheesy, but taking note of the good things in your life and what you really like about yourself can have a big impact on how your day and week goes. (Kinda like how just the act of smiling makes you feel better, even if you're faking it.)

PS-After you write that letter, if you're still in a paper-and-pen mood, share the love with someone else via More Love Letters, one of our favorites! Or email a message of kindness to send out into the world.