5 Cute Smartphone Gloves

As much as I love my iPhone, technological advancements have really put a cramp in my winter accessorizing. Mittens don't cut it anymore. Now, I need smartphone gloves -- ones that I can keep on while emoji-ing in the cold. Here are five pairs that are more cute than techy (and don't make your hands look like they belong in a Tron movie).

Verloop Cashmere Texting Glove, Urban Outfitters ($65, pictured). Color blocking and cashmere? Ah, so soft, so luxurious -- it's like putting your hands in a cotton ball.

AEO Touchpoint Gloves, American Eagle Outfitters ($16). And if you like the look of color blocking, but not the price of cashmere, these pairs from AE are an excellent option!

The North Face eTip Glove, REI ($45). If you want something sporty yet sleek, this black set will keep your hands warm while playing sudoku on the chairlifts.

Tech Me With You Gloves, ModCloth ($38). Get girly with these wool-blend, ruffle-accented gloves.

Mossimo Jeweled Tech Gloves, Target ($17). Don't be afraid to show your bedazzled-penchant with these jeweled gloves. Jazz hands!