Caboodles: Organizing Makeup Since 1987

Although I'm not a makeup junkie, I have accumulated enough glosses, polishes and blushes to overtake the top of my dresser. Finding my stick of deodorant is a daily struggle. The solution to my stink and mess? The same as it was in 1989: Caboodles. These organizers fit all your cosmetics into a sturdy well-designed case. My favorite is the classic On-The-Go-Girl($14) in purple, because it's compact and, bonus, my Lisa Frank stickers look awesome on it. But if you want something a little more sophisticated -- and you can't bear to travel without all 35 of your lipsticks -- there's the Pro Cosmetic Case ($30) in silver.

Caboodles have been around since the '80s, and their longevity is due to both function and nostalgia -- they celebrated their 25th anniversary this year! You can buy a limited-edition reissue of the Caboodle that started it all on Facebook.