Cool Girl: Victoria, 11, Stops Texting Drivers

I believe we've discussed texting while driving. Thumbs down. But sometimes you talk to your friends -- or even your parents -- and the message doesn't get through. Those crazypants still do it! Well, there's an app for that. Victoria Walker, who's 11 years old, designed Rode Dog, an app that lets users form a "pack" of friends and family. Rode Dog has a GPS that tracks the location of each member, and when someone in the pack uses their phone while driving, the rest of the pack gets an alert.

Here's where it gets fun: Now the members of the pack can annoy the driving phone user with barking sounds until he or she stops using the phone. Ha! You can download other animal sounds for 99 cents each, which helps the app make money.

Victoria built the app in collaboration with Santa Ana-based interactive agency WLDG creative director and designer David Grau as part of AT&T's "It Can Wait" hackathon, and they're working out the kinks, but you can try it out now. Ruff-ruff!