Pretty Bracelets Under $20

While some days I'm into the perfect tiny jewelry, on other days I feel like being louder. It's a mood thing. Right now, I want a big, chunky chain on my arm -- or even a piece of hardware (scissors!). Here are three bracelets that fit the bill:  One Thing's For Shear Bracelet, ModCloth ($18, pictured). Like a little pair of brass scissors wrapped around your wrist! Kind of makes me feel like I could sew. You know, if I wanted to.

 Japanese Wave Silver Cuff, TheShagBag ($16). I feel calmer just looking at this zen cuff, and it's made from polymer clay, which is flexible for a perfect fit.

 Gold Chain Mindy Bracelet, PopCultureJunkie ($14). With textured gold links made from a mesh-like material, this bracelet is both feminine and badass.