Quirky Gift: Foldable Me!

People are always trying to find "the gift for someone who has everything," or so I hear. Well, I've got one: Foldable Me. It's exactly what it sounds like, which is a foldable, 3D, paper version of you (or someone else) that you can carry around, keep on your desk or even kiss goodnight. Situations in which I think Foldable Me is genius: Long-distance relationships (this is maybe weird, but kind of cute), a party that a friend can't make it to (take pics of their tiny doppelganger partying with everyone), and as a gift for narcissists who like to have lots of inanimate versions of themselves lying around (this is way less creepy than Real People Dolls).

The best part? They're just $12, and they ship from the UK for free. Start creating one now and get ready to meet your new cardboard buddy!