Style Blogger: Tariro, 16, of Peppermint + Ivy

On this Thanksgiving eve, I Heart Daily would like to give thanks to all the cool girls out there who provide daily inspiration through their style blogs. They make it look easy. Today we are delighted to feature Tariro, 16, from Maryland, who writes Peppermint + Ivy. Read on to learn more about this super creative, super stylish girl.

I Heart Daily: Why/when/how did you start blogging? Tariro K: I started blogging in 2009 after I read an issue of Teen Vogue. There was a feature on a few girls who had their own blogs, and I thought 'hmmm....maybe I could do it too!' I've loved fashion ever since I was little, so having a place to share my love of it and hear from other people with the same interests seemed great to me.

IHD: Favorite websites? TK: Even before I started blogging, i spent a lot of time on Polyvore and now it's a big part of my blog. I use it to illustrate my ideas for almost every post. Other than Polyvore, I'm addicted to Tumblr and the Sartorialist.

IHD: Who are your style muses? TK: Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad, Sarah Vickers, and Blair Eadie are probably my biggest style muses. I love how they each have their own unique styles. Sometimes I'll take certain little hints of their styles to come up with my own outfits.

IHD: How do you describe your personal style? TK: I think it's a little bit of everything, but it leans more towards the preppy side. I love wearing plaid, riding boots, and peacoats, but I'm not afraid to add in some spikes or sequins to finish things off.

IHD: What are your other interests besides fashion? TK: One of my biggest passions is lacrosse, and I also enjoy graphic designing. My dream job is to be a creative director, and I spend most of my time putting together collages of pieces I love and trying to create as many cool things as possible.

IHD: What’s on your wish list right now? TK: Currently, I've been wanting a pair of sneaker wedges. I did a blog post on them a few weeks ago, and they just haven't disappeared from my mind! And maybe some statement necklaces because I don't really own any of those, glitter loafers, and ski sweaters which are my current obsession.

IHD: What are you hearting right now? TK: I've started to broaden my music horizons a little, and I just started listening to Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore. I have no idea how I missed them before, but they're both amazing artists! I've also been watching the new show Arrow, and the new season of one of my favorite shows Revenge.