The Cutest Phone Accessories

No matter whether you have a smartphone or an old texting machine, your phone could look cooler. We're into charms of all types, be they the personal sort or the dangly kind, and here are a few that we love for our phones:  Jack Gems ($20, pictured). These sparkly baubles sit like scepters, making you the queen of telecommunications.

 Itakz Owl ($6). He perches on your phone and tells the world that you're wise and quirky.

 I Love Paris ($7.50). With the Eiffel Tower and a red bow hanging from your cell, people will know you're a true romantic.

 Hello Kitty ($4.25). Yes, our love for the iconic feline does extend to her phone accessories line.

 Star ($2.70). Tiny, simple and part of a trend we heart: Stars!