Vermont Country Store Picks

When the holiday season rolls around, I always hear the siren song of the Vermont Country Store. It's so wintry, so cozy, so... eclectic. Here are my favorite picks from this year's Holiday catalog!  1970s Hair Products ($15 each). Check out Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific (pictured) or Lemon Up shampoos and conditioners for the ultimate in throwback beauty products, if you're a vintage girl.

 Drip Candles ($14 for 4). They start out white, but as they burn, the wax drips blue, yellow, red and green for a rainbow cascade of awesomeness.

 Toy Army Men Gummy Candy ($10 for a 2-lb. bag). Play war games with these sour apple G.I. Joes -- will you eat guns, boots or helmets first?

 Leather Squeeze-It Change Purse ($10). Put all your coins in this little circular purse and just squeeze it to open! Bonus: It looks like a geometric flower.

 Muumuus ($24 and up). Yes, there is an entire section of the Vermont Country Store devoted to these oversized house-dresess, which actually can be really cute! Sometimes. Choose wisely.