Best of 2012: Happy News!

The News can get somber real quick. Bad things happen. But we exist to bring you hearts each day, and here are five happy stories we covered this year (uh, like the fact that youth philanthropy is way, way up -- awesome). Bask in the positive rays -- it helps combat the dark stuff.  The Nicest Place on the Internet. Go here when you need a hug. You'll get it. No joke.

 Snowflakes for Sandy Hook. There's still time to send some winter cheer to a town that needs a lot of healing love right now.

 Love Letters. Whether they're for yourself or for someone in need of support, they are always worth the time and ink to write. For real.

 Animal Affection. When you see a cat or dog looking for an owner, it breaks your heart, right? This app is a way for you to help shelter pets find loving homes.

 Your Student Rights. You have them, you know? If you are well versed in them, you're empowered.