Best of 2012: Top Style Picks

Holy smokes -- it's almost 2013! It seems like just yesterday Taylor Swift was dating Conor Kennedy.

For the remainder of this year, we'll be rounding up our favorite posts of 2012. Up today: Our top Style picks!

 Weird, Awesome and Creepy Jewelry. Proof that pretty comes in all shapes, sizes and styles.

 Kitty Collar Tips (pictured). It may have been the Year of the Dragon, but in I Heart Daily-land, we went ga-ga over cats. These kitty collar tips were truly the cat's meow.

 Style Bloggers. Our daily style muses never cease to inspire us.

♥ Pencil Power. All great ideas stem from a single thought -- often jotted down with a pencil (especially cool ones, like these).

 Affordable Art. Never underestimate the positive affect art can have on your life. These sites prove that you don't have to fork over a wad of cash to own a little masterpiece.