Girls Wielding Power Tools

Handing power tools to at-risk girls and teaching them how to work safely as a team and create some badass projects -- woodsheds, picnic benches, bookshelves, birdhouses! -- sounds like the best idea I've heard in a long time. I never took Shop Class in school because I was intimidated by all the boys, but I would love to know how to handle these tools and build my own stuff! Girls at Work helps girls in New Hampshire and throughout New England who've dealt with situations like neglect, abandonment and abuse by showing them how much strength they really have, inside and out.

If you know of an organization that might want these guys to come out and teach, get in touch! And if you think this is a pretty amazing idea, donate some funds so they can keep handing drill presses to girls and showing them the power and smarts and capabilities that they already have. Short on cash? It's always nice to ask for stocking money to give to charity -- hint, hint.

Also: Your next birthday party could be power-tooled, and that helps support Girls at Work too! Watch the video and get inspired.