How to Write a Love Letter

We've told you about Hannah Brencher and her site, The World Needs More Love Letters, which is pretty self-explanatorily awesome. The organization is six times what it was last year, which means the love letters are winning! Today, we are happy to host a love letter request for a girl named Madeline:

Madeline, due to depression and anxiety issues, left high school last year to homeschool herself. She has made some progress but has fallen behind in her studies and really needs some motivation to keep going even though she is falling behind even more every day. Her letter request writes, "It was this time last year when she left school and I know she is very prone to become depressed again in the winter time. I try to involve her in social activities as much as I can, as she will isolate herself otherwise, but I think a little love from a stranger could really help her outlook on life right now.' Scratch out "stranger" -- we are about to bless Madeline's life with a whole lot of love letters. Help us in showing her how very wonderful and capable Madeline truly is.

This is where you guys come in with cute stationery, a sketch, or just a note with a sentence of hope on it. Whatever it is, put it in the mail. Send your love letter to: Madeline's Bundle, PO Box 2061, North Haven, CT 06473. Don't know what to say? Check out how to write a love letter for ideas and examples. And if you're doing it, Tweet it! Let's fill Madeline's mailbox with more hearts than she can handle.

PS-Know someone who needs more love letters? Make a request for them here.