Best of 2012: Entertainment!

Happy 2013! For the inaugural day of this new year, we present you with the last roundup of our favorite posts from 2012. You won't be hearing any mentions of Kim and Kanye's baby here, but if you want to hear about some good books and music, read on.  Ryan Gosling Coloring Book. At some point in our lives, we grew out of coloring books, but that's just because princesses and puppies no longer held our attention. However, put Ryan Gosling with a cute pup? Suddenly, spending time with a pack of Crayolas doesn't seem so boring after all.

 iPhone Cases. It's true that the iPhone is a virtual cornucopia of entertainment, but the case that accompanies it should be of equal value. We found several options that add a little extra something.

 Charlotte Sometimes. This amazing singer-songwriter gave us a behind-the-scenes interview when she was competing on The Voice.

 Books, Books and More Books. We gave you a ton of reading options in 2012. From crafting how-tos to heart-tugging stories toscience fiction, there's something for everyone!

 The Art of Scribbling. If writing prose in a diary isn't your thing, try this scribble diary that prompts you to doodle your thoughts down every day. By the end of the year, you'll have an illustrated view of your life!