Cute Polka Dot Shirts from $15

UO_polka_dot_chambrayA few months ago, I was coveting a polka dotted chambray shirt at the GAP... which sold out. And I cried. But luckily, many shared my feelings and adoration for this trend, because now several stores are offering up their own version of this shirt. Yay for collective consciousness! BDG Polka Dot Button Down Denim Shirt, Urban Outfitters ($59, pictured). For whatever reason, this shirt makes me ridiculously happy. I like big dots and I cannot lie.

Chambray/Ivory Dot Shirt, Target ($20). The undeniable style and savings of Target hit the bulls eye once again.

Bongo Chambray Shirt, Sears ($15, sale). What? You think shopping at Sears isn't cool? You better check yourself, because this $15 shirt is proving you incredibly wrong.

Tie Front Chambray Polka Dot Shirt, Delia*s ($30). Get prepared for spring with this adorable tie-front sleeveless number.