Cute, Quirky Calendars

You may use your phone as a calendar (who doesn't?), and if you don't, you likely already have a 2013 number hanging up somewhere. But still. These four calendars deserve a second glance as the new year begins... check them out:  The How Was Your Day? Calendar ($14, pictured) records your moods in smiley, frowny or somewhere-in-between faces. Here's hoping for a happy-filled year!

 The Bubble Calendar ($20) is one we've featured before, but who can possibly resist this pop-a-day pleasure-fest? Not we.

 Lego Calendars ($15) mean you have to build something each month, but isn't it time we returned to working with our hands? Get to it!

 Mini Calendar Cards ($15) are cute and teensy. Spring for the little easel ($2 more) and display your tiny date-minder.