Cute Retro Style

collar clipsAs a look, vintage is cool, but it takes a lot to pull off a full 1950s poodle skirt. Just saying. A little hint of retro, though, goes a long way. Here are five cute ways to bring back styles we love:  Collar Clips, ladybirdlikes ($16.50, pictured). Also known as sweater clips, these are perfect for holding a cardigan or jacket oh-so-casually over your shoulders. Choose hearts or glittery circles.

 Budding Branches Earrings, modcloth ($25). It's a shame that large post earrings are often the province of the over-70s crowd, because -- hi! -- so cute. Especially with short hair.

 Rose Gold Pinky Ring, Asos ($11). A pinky ring says, "I'm a badass." It's a signature show of power (think mafia movies). Choose yours wisely -- we like this one for its simplicity and femininity.

 Colored Burst Brooch, Forever 21 ($7). Sometimes brooches and pins seem in the realm of Girl Scouts and grannies, but they can add such personality to an outfit that we must recommend them. Here's a pretty one to try before you branch out into pricier pieces.

 Vintage Buttons, Primrose Design ($1 and up). Whether glass or rhinestone or pearl or fabric-covered, vintage buttons can light a spark on anything from a winter coat to a collared shirt. Add them judiciously for a subtle wow factor.