Essie's Sleek Stick Collection

essie_sleek_stickEssie's square nail polish bottles are a common sight in my home. They're on the kitchen counter, the desk, the coffee table and the nightstand. Well, I can blame Essie for even more clutter in my house, because they now make nail stickers! The Sleek Stick Collection is Essie's version of the ever-so-popular nail sticker. Taking inspiration from the runway, Sleek Sticks come in 12 high tech patterns, textures and colors. If you want sparkle, go for Glam It On with its silver riveted surface, or choose one of the many animal prints. Perhaps Croc 'n' Chic or A to Zebra? (Each set costs around $10 depending on where you by them.)

With Sleek Sticks, Essie has thrown down the nail applique gauntlet and challenged its competitors. And if you ever come over to my place and see brightly colored things stuck to my wall... you'll know what I was doing.