Get on Lady Gaga's Born Brave Bus

gaga braveThe St. Paul Public Library + Lady Gaga = Little Bookish Monsters. Gaga's Born This Way Foundation is working with the library on a program called Read Brave. The featured book is A.S. King's Everybody Sees the Ants (we wrote about that book last winter -- it's fantastic, and deals with bullying, self-esteem, war and family ties). Teens who read the book and respond in a creative way (that means whatever you think it means -- from videos to collages to essays to poetry and beyond) can submit their projects to the library for a chance to win prizes including a VIP pass onto the Born Brave Bus.

On board the bus -- which is traveling to all of Lady Gaga's US tour dates and is decorated like you'd expect (rainbow nutso fun) -- you'll be a part of pre-concert tailgate events that involve local organizations in each town. So basically meeting and talking to other fans and creative types, which sounds awesome.

And even if you don't win, the book is good. So read it and discuss! Wins for all.