Hear(t) It: Foxygen

foxygen Maybe I'm getting long in the tooth, but sometimes new music doesn't appeal to me. As my mother extolled the musical virtues of Engelbert Humperdinck, I find myself still talking about Nirvana and the Kinks.

Which is why I'm glad youngins like Sam France and Jonathan Rado, both 22, are making music that draws heavily from the giants of yesteryear: Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, and yes, the Kinks. Under the moniker Foxygen, France and Rado have taken everything their legendary rock heroes have taught them, and with it they wrote We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic (Jagjaguwar).

With each track, an ease of fresh nostalgia washes over me. Listening to "No Destruction" feels like a carefree summer day; it's a song that's in no rush to tell a story, with France's drawn out Dylan-esque delivery. And "Shuggie" sounds like a tune playing on the AM radio of a very hip grandma.

It's clear where Foxygen's influences lie. Their unabashed love for the music they have learned from -- through worn-out records, obsessed over and worshiped -- has proven that old is new again.