Lip Balms for Sporty Girls

tint-snow_1024x1024Always game to try any sort of lip product, I eyed VAULT's new glosses and balms with a curious, if skeptical, eye. Their retractable delivery system took me a second to figure out (honestly), but once I clicked it into place, I was sold. (Watch this video -- it's very easy.) You really can put on this stuff with one hand. While you'll rarely find me on an athletic field, I have been known to ski, and I see huge value in the everyday moments where this feature may come in handy. Glossing while texting? It's finally safe. Phew. Seriously, though, these lip delights are made with natural ingredients found on the Pacific Coast, and the gloss provides vibrant color while thebalm (pictured in an array of options) gives more of a matte shade. Both come with Bond-Girl style applicators that can be clicked open and shut with a single finger, making it incredibly easy to apply these anywhere. Meaning: Keep one in your back pocket.

Right now, you can use the code "first kiss" for 50% off! Mwah!