New Resolutions: The Game of Threes

Be YouWe're not big on resolutions that can make you feel bad if you don't stick to them, but we're into making your year better. That's why we like the concept behind The Game of Threes, an idea created by Ana Homayoun, author of The Myth of the Perfect Girl. Portland native Olivia, 18, explained the game to us. "You make three lists: one list of things you like to do, one list of new things you would like to try, and one list of things you would like more time to do," she says. From those three lists, pick three items that you'd like to find more time for in the first three months of 2013. Keeping your goals to three makes the whole process more doable, plus you're choosing from a list of things that you already know you want to do! If you don't quite get it, check out this video for further explanation.

Olivia says she wants to make time for scrapbooking, horseback riding and reading. What are your three? Share them on Ana's youtube channel for a chance to win a wellness package, which is our idea of starting off the year right!