Inside Other People's Rooms

do_not_enterYou can tell a lot about a person by their bedroom. I don't know about you, but I love the first glimpse of a friend's space. That's one reason why I'm so into The Do Not Enter Diaries, a series of video interviews by Emma Orlow and Emily Cohn that showcases teenagers in their bedrooms, telling their stories. From Alex in a dashiki to Tatiyana with her beanie babies and African fabrics (above), these are personal portraits on a very intimate level. Inside stories, y'all. The site's tagline is "Of teens. By teens. For fun." And it's totally fun to see inside these rooms, where all types of personalities express themselves in this public-private way. Emma and Emily believe that "a bedroom is a physical manifestation of a diary." That's good -- I wish I'd said that.

A new bedroom diary is posted every Wednesday at 4pm EST, and all the archives are worth a look. Emma and Emily's 2013 plan is to travel around and film even more teens for the project. Interested? Apply here. We want to see YOUR rooms next!