Philadelphia High Schools to Offer Condoms

condomsWhat would you prefer for your school: free pizza or free... condoms? To help prevent the rise of sexually transmitted diseases, students in 22 Philadelphia high schools are gaining access to free condom dispensers. A Philadelphia program that offers confidential and voluntary STD testing to students has shown that of the 130,000 teens they have tested over the past five years, 6,500 were positive for disease, including HIV.

The schools with the highest rates of STDs will receive clear plastic condom dispensers that will sit in the nurse's office, available for anyone to use (that is, unless a parent has specifically stated otherwise to the school).

One can't help but think that if condoms were less embarrassing to buy -- if they were freely available -- more teens would use them. What do you think? Will having access to condoms at school encourage safer sex? Or is it just as embarrassing to have to go to the nurse's office to get one? Write to us.