Pretty Velvet Pieces from $6

velvet pantsWhen I think of velvet, I think of luxury, softness, richness... what's not to love? Okay, so sometimes the fabric also conjures up cheesy Elvis portraits and over-the-top style, but that can be fun too. All in all: I'm pro-velvet. Here are five great pieces that make me want to wear it out this winter:  BDG Twig Velvet Pants, Urban Outfitters ($29, sale, pictured). Audrey Hepburn meets Studio 54. On sale! The drawback is that they're "velvet-feel" instead of the real thing, but we won't quibble when they look this good. (If you want the real thing, the cheeky velvet shorts, $24, are It.)

 1960s Vintage Black Velvet Dress, CircusFreakVintage ($105). This dress has a flirty shape that belies its sultry fabric -- it's a great balance. And the tiny rhinestone details at the top are perfect, like a sparse smattering of stars on a cloudy night.

 Velvet Round Gold Trim Earrings, Chic Wish ($10). In red or blue, a punch of color plus the softness of velvet is a winning way to accessorize.

 Shorty Velvet Loafers, Marc by Marc Jacobs ($225). I know, pricey! But so cute, especially if you love Boston Terriers. For a more affordable version of velvet flats, check out these scalloped bow flats from Charlotte Russe ($11 on sale!).

 Velvet Knot Headband, Kohls ($6, sale). Big head bands, especially in bold fabrics, are totally '80s. We love that.