Six Word (Illustrated!) Memoirs

Nina YaoOur love for Six Word Memoirs is known. We weren't sure how they'd take it to the next level, but they just did. Things Don’t Have to be Complicated: Illustrated Six-Word Memoirs by Students Making Sense of the World (Ted Books) contains illustrated memoirs created by students from grade school to grad school. Also: it's an ebook that costs $2.99. That's less than a latte, my friends. If you're not convinced at the utter coolness of this book by seeing the work of Nina Yao, 13 (pictured), check out this Washington Post slideshowof a few more featured memoirs. We dare you not to be impressed and inspired. One of the greatest things about this format is that anyone -- from Shakespeare types to a kindergarten class -- can write a memoir. Add an illustration and, boom, even better.

So snag the ebook for a three-spot, click through and, if you're so inclined, write and post your own six-word memoir (or 12. I seriously just sat here and thought of 12. So fun!). Today, ours is: "Giving love to Six Word Memoirs!"