The Best Bubble Baths

avon_bubble_bathToday is Bubble Bath Day! (It's also National English Toffee Day: Eat some.) That means it's time to grab your rubber ducky, rub-a-dub in the tub, and get some bubbles a-flowin'. Here are a few of our favorites:  Avon Bubble Bath ($8). I am a tried and true fan of Avon bubble bath. It's what I grew up with and, let me tell you, other formulas just don't compare. Long-lasting, thick bubbles; heavenly scents; skin-softening results. Amaze!

♥ Mr. Bubble ($4). The iconic pink Mr. Bubble -- how can you not love this dude? For over 50 years he's cleaned and bathed millions of people.

 Calgon Foaming Bubble Bath ($4). If you've had one of those days, there's only one cure to "take you away," and that's Calgon. In four delish scents -- Morning Glory, Hawaiian Ginger, English Garden, Ocean Breeze --  draw a bath and let your worries go poof. 

 Calm One Calm All ($14). Warm vanilla, strawberries, and bergamot sound good enough to eat, but also to... soak in. This super moisturizing bubble bath is the ultimate relaxation experience.