Your Perfect Eyebrows

joey healyIf you make one beauty resolution this year, let it be to treat your eyebrows right. That means: Don't wax or thread them to into a sad, wobbly state (we've all done it). Celebrity Eyebrow Stylist Joey Healy (pictured, with amazing brows) says that "Robust, symmetrical brows are easy, healthy and pretty" -- here are his top tips for getting yours in shape.  Trim and tweeze only! "A bad wax can damage hair follicles -- try to appreciate a more natural brow. Thick is beautiful." (A quality tweezer is a good helper.)

 Know your starting line. "For symmetry, eyebrows should start at the bridge of the nose. Hold a brush vertically to your nose bone -- not the outside of your nostrils -- to find your starting point and clean up any hairs in between those brow lines."

♥ Fill it in. "If you've already over-plucked or waxed, a brow renovation serum can help hair grow back quickly. You want 3-4 weeks of natural growth before you touch your brows again." (In the meantime, a touch of brow powder can fill in any sparse areas.)

♥ Try a clear brow gel. "On a daily basis you want a clear brow gel that structures your brows and leaves no residue or crispy-crunchy stuff." Joey makes one!

♥ Weekly maintenance. "Once your brows are in shape, tend to them only weekly (never daily!) to avoid over-pruning."