Cute Jewelry for $1!

flower earringsAccessorizing is one of the most affordable ways to change your style daily. With finds like these, you may even be able to change your look every hour on the hour. Go for it.  Flower Ring, Miz Accessories ($1, pictured). Wear a cluster of bright blooms for a cluster of pretty pennies. Cha-ching.

 Acrylic Beads, Girlprops ($1). A bracelet that's like orange bubble gum linked around your wrist -- yum.

 Anchor Studs, Forever 21 ($1.50). These earrings are so nautically neat that we think you'll forgive the extra 50 cents.

 Retro Owl Necklace, Amazon ($1.24). Mix this owl into a cluster of necklaces and get your high-low style on.

♥ Button Ring, PippiLongstocking83 ($.50). Rings that are as cute as a... well, you know. Buy a whole handful in rainbow colors to wear together or mix and match!