Indie Crafter du Jour: Colleen Jordan from a Wearable Planter

wearable-planters-etsyIt's time to take my love for plants to a new level of intimacy -- wearing them on my body. Colleen Jordan is a designer/artist from Atlanta, GA who makes these teeny, pretty, wearable planters that double as pins, pendants, necklaces and, yes, bike accessories. Each miniature creation comes with directions and recommendations on what kind of plants work best in each container (take note: the plants pictures are not included!). Here are our favorite picks:

1. Upsidedown Octahedron ($39). Now this is a statement piece. This sleek eight-sided shape does best with air plants.

2. Miniature Icosahedron ($20). I have a few succulents beginning to blossom on my windowsill, and a tiny floral clipping from one of them would look perfect in this aqua icosahedron.

3. Lapel Pin ($39). Prom season is just around the corner. Instead of presenting your date with a -- booooring -- boutonniere, bestow upon him this dandy lapel pin with fresh clippings from the garden.

4. Bike Planter ($45). Whaaaa -- a planter for your bike? My bike is definitely going to be the spiffiest one on the road this spring.