Prehistoric Style: Dinosaurs

dino-necklaceDinosaurs are cool. But since they died off about 230 millions years ago, we'll have to settle for watching Jurassic Parkand honoring their awesomeness with pieces of jewelry. ♥ I Dig It Necklace, ModCloth ($12, pictured). The Tyrannosaurus is a predatory badass, but when he's all miniature like this cute lil' charm, well -- you just want to give him a squeeze.

 Dino Claw Hugs, Verameat ($90). Hugs not claws! This amazing ring hugs fingers with stylish sharp talons.

 Dinosaur Stud Earring Set, Kohls ($9). Extremely cute, these six pairs of dino studs come in bright fun colors. Mixing and matching is definitely encouraged.

 Dinosaur Charms, Charmworks ($30-$40). Velociraptor orParasauolophus? Life is full of difficult decisions.