Pretty Stackable Rings From $5

stackable ringsWhile I love tiny, simple jewelry, I'm also all about the pile-on. Ring-wise, there are tons of cute styles that run the gamut from subtle to bold. Take your pick from these adorable options:  Stackable Chevron Quintet, Baublebar ($26, pictured). I like to think these would be Wonder Woman's choice.

 Hexagonal Stack Ring, Dorothy Park ($14). A set of four silver and rose gold rings makes for a versatile stack of delight.

 Opening Armor Ring, Urban Outfitters ($18). Stacked, this one looks like a knight's face guard. Separated, you've got a brass knuckles feel over three fingers. Either way: Cool.

 Spiked and Studded Ring Set, Forever 21 ($5). This set is for a master stacker who's not afraid to play with varying shapes and sizes.

 Cut Out Stack Rings, TopShop ($20). These geometric mixed-metal rings can be worn simply alone or puzzled together -- they're the thinking girl's stack.