Teen Style Blogger: Sienna, 13

SiennaSienna, 13, is the blogger behind The Girl Who Wears Clothes, where she writes about everything from how to wear sneaker wedges in the Boston blizzard to the DSquared fall campaign that made her think, "If school were this fashionable I'd be excited about going every day." Yeah, she's fun. So we interviewed her: IHD: What inspired you to create your blog? Sienna: I started in the fashion world a little late and when my friend brought a Teen Vogue over to my house I loved it and subscribed the next day. On their site they featured style bloggers and I realized what a great way it was to express myself and finally have a community that cared about the same things. I read blogs like The Stylish WandererElla et Cetera, and of course Sea of Shoes, and those all were my guides.

IHD: You write a lot about music in addition to fashion. What do you love about it? S: I love how songs that can reflect how I feel. I have songs that remind me of a whole romantic comedy or dance songs for day I feel really energetic. The songs I play usually connect to the outfit I wear. If I listen to rock I might be wearing something punkish or if I’m listening to ballads I’ll wear light colors and soft sweaters. I not a music buff, I barely know the different genres, but I know how certain songs make me feel and how they can reflect me and my style.

IHD: You say your friends think you overdress. Where does your individual sense of style come from? S: I honestly throw together whatever I think looks good. I really love Tavi Gevinson and I think she influenced me a lot. Her blog laid out the platform for upcoming girls like me. I try not to wear what everyone else does so I don’t blend; blending to me is like giving up your identity (mind you I wore a uniform up until 6th grade). If you were to explore my closet, my style would be expressed through vintage skirts, collared tops, and a bunch of weird printed dresses. Also my style is fit to weather here in Boston which is always cold which has taught me how use long sleeves well which have become part of my style identity.

IHD: What inspires you? S: So many things inspire me about style and life. I spend a lot of time reading Rookie Mag articles and checking all the blogs I read. I read Vogue for the pictures and have just discovered the fun of Polyvore. I also get it from mind. I have an extensive imagination. Right now I’m working on something inspired by I guess “punk ballerinas” which has lots of tulle and badly stenciled crop tops. I also have mood board with only Alice and Wonderland magazine shoots from Vogue and a Spanish magazine and the actual movie. I live off of Alice in Wonderland.

IHD: What advice would you give to a girl who has a unique sense of style but is afraid to stand out? S: Don’t let others stifle your style. You’ll regret it later on if you live inside a shell of clothes and things that don’t really express you. Don't be the girl who watches someone be unique -- be unique yourself and be the girl people watch! Build up all your confidence and wear the real you all the time. Ignore negative comments (or even learn to master comebacks!). Once you do you’ll feel really good about yourself and empowered. You'll walk with your head a little higher.

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