Cute Bandages For a Cause

OuchiesforOthersWinnerArtI never understood why bandages are sold in various flesh tones. They're like body art stickers for your injuries, so why not have fun with them? The winners of the Ouchies Bandage Art Contest kind of make me want to fake a skinned knee just so I can wear their creations, which benefit The Childhood Leukemia Foundation, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, and the American Childhood Cancer Organization (meaning 100% of profits from the sales of these bandages go to these foundations).

Check them out, top to bottom: "Broken Bear" by Amber Moosvi, 17; "You're Almost There" by Sammy Smith, 13; "Love is Cure" by Tenia Richardson, 9; "Never Give Up" by Erin Lisk, 12; "You Can Be Pain Free" by Laura Vargas, 10.

There's a story behind each design. Amber's (top) is this: "The picture that I made represents two things. The Teddy Bear with a bandage and the feel better soon balloon represents that I’m not completely better but soon I will be because my broken bear has a bandage. The stars represent all of the people who support me in my battle with Brain Cancer. I couldn’t fit everyone because I have so many people supporting me and I appreciate them so much."

Every time you stick on one of these bandages, you can share a story and show your support for some great organizations that are fighting childhood cancer. And you'll look cute too. Bonus.

Find them at a store near you.