Do You Want "Daddy's Money"?

daddysmoneyRecently, it's come to our attention that Skechers -- the well-known footwear brand -- has created a new line of shoes. The collection capitalizes on the current trend of the hidden-wedge sneaker, made popular by the French designer Isabel Marant. Whereas a pair of Marants will literally cost you hundreds of dollars, Skechers will only set you back $60-$80, and they come in a myriad of trendy colors, prints, and styles. All of this sounds quite run-of-the-mill, except Skechers has chosen to name these shoes Daddy's Money. (Excuse me for the typo, it's actually: Daddy'$ Money.) Their tagline reads: "Get spoiled with Daddy's money, ultra cool shoes that will put you in the spotlight..."

This name has created a stir, because of its negative connotations: 1. The suggestion that girls should use their feminine wiles to obtain what they want, 2. The implication that men/fathers are the ones who control the household money, 3. The play on the phrase "Sugar Daddy" which is just distasteful when marketing to tween/teen girls.

Skechers have responded to the controversy with a statement to ABC news:"the Daddy's Money name and the collection's advertising are designed to be lighthearted, and we regret that some people have been offended by the name." Really?

What do you think of Daddy'$ Money? Offensive or "lighthearted fun"? We want to know what you think: write to us!